J.Renee Increases E-Commerce Sales by 5X with Mertech Services and Thriftly.io

Feb 1, 2017 2:58:00 PM / by Mertech Data Systems, Inc.

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J.Renee sells stylish, affordable shoes and accessories to customers around the world. Spurred on by two brand acquisitions, J.Renee asked Mertech to overhaul and streamline their company’s online marketplace. Mertech delivered a sleek shopping experience that’s led to a significant increase in J.Renee’s page views, customers, and sales.

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J.Renee Group

About J.Renee

J.Renee is a Texas-based online fashion emporium that sells shoes and accessories to customers looking for both style and value.

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Style, Sophistication, Software

For over 35 years, J.Renee has sold fashionable footwear and accessories to sophisticated women looking for style, value, and comfort. In 2015, J.Renee prepared to incorporate two newly-acquired brands, Kay Unger and L’Amour des Pieds, into their online store.

Expecting a slew of new traffic, customers, and sales, J.Renee turned to Mertech to ensure their online marketplace looked great and provided a speedy, satisfying shopping experience.

“Mertech's Thriftly API server and skillful services team helped us streamline our e-commerce processing.”

Coby Sparks
J.Reneé Group


Fashion Follows Function(s)

J.Renee had two requirements for their new online marketplace: it had to look good, and it had to be fast. J.Renee’s savvy shoe shoppers needed to be able to quickly find what they were looking for, whether they were purchasing from a desktop computer or a mobile device. And J.Renee’s site needed to be able to handle the increased traffic they expected without slowing down or crashing.

Mertech’s consulting services team modernized and optimized J.Renee’s website, establishing a look and feel that could compete with any other leading shoe brand. Our team took special care to create an elegant, easy-to-navigate mobile marketplace, as well as a smooth and secure user experience. Mertech’s developers also significantly increased the site’s traffic capabilities, resulting in an online storefront that could support five times as many customers.

Before our team’s intervention, J.Renee’s online store took a staggering four seconds to show a shoe to customers. Afterwards, the new J.Renee.com was showing shoes at sub-second speeds, translating to increased views, customers, and sales.

An Improved E-Commerce Experience

With their new online store in place, J.Renee’s sales have increased by 5x per year. They’ve also seen a substantial increase in page views (200K in 2014 to 1.1MM in 2016) and online customers (5,000 in 2014 to 15,000 in 2016).

“With Mertech’s help, we achieved our goal, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the result. We’re experiencing excellent performance, which translates to a much improved e-commerce customer experience.”

- Coby Sparks

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