Accelerate your app modernization with Thriftly:

How to transform Windows desktop applications into a services-oriented architecture by publishing functions as APIs

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A new approach to legacy app modernization

Transforming your monolith into a microservice-oriented or API-based architecture is the best way to modernize your legacy application. But, it comes with challenges: refactoring the existing code base, adding a new layer for APIs, and deciding on a message format (SOAP, JSON, etc.). It's the kind of project that can get messy and expensive, and take years to complete. 

Now, there's Thriftly, created to give any organization the easiest, fastest, and most secure way to migrate legacy applications to the cloud.

In Accelerate your app modernization with Thriftly, learn about:

  • Challenges that come with a typical modernization project
  • The Thriftly features that make app modernization simple for any business
  • Thriftly's architecture and how it works
  • The benefits of using Thriftly instead of a rewrite

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