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Comprehensive software and services to help traditional Windows developers struggling to build a cloud offering


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Build Multiprotocol APIs Quickly

Get Cloud-Ready Quickly With Thriftly

Thriftly makes the transition from Windows apps to cloud applications simple by building the API for you. You can now optimize what you’ve already built instead of starting from scratch, freeing you up to invest in other areas of your growing business.

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No extra code writing

Thriftly turns your existing functions into APIs and handles the data interchange between the API and the client.

One API, multiple protocols

Thriftly supports SOAP, REST, JSON-RPC, Thrift, and gRPC protocols simultaneously so you don’t have to choose one kind.

Support multiple data formats

Thriftly APIs support JSON, XML, and Binary formats without needing to create new code to convert structures.

Application Modernization Solutions

Your Partner in Growth

As a Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform partner with more than 20 years of IT modernization experience, Mertech’s expert consulting team will help you transform your business and build revolutionary applications for the cloud-based world.

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Microsoft Gold Partner

Modernize your DataFlex applications

Mertech has extensive experience with Windows and Character-mode DataFlex. We can help you transform your DataFlex applications into modern cloud-based applications without impacting your business.

Transform from monolithic to modern

You can evolve from legacy Windows client/server applications into a powerful API-driven architecture that can then be run either as services on a cloud platform, like Microsoft Azure, or in a hybrid cloud scenario.

Database Modernization


Btrieve to SQL

BTR2SQL connects Btrieve and Pervasive applications with the latest versions of MS SQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL databases.

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DataFlex to SQL

Flex2SQL lets DataFlex developers deploy applications with Oracle, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, and MySQL without compromising performance.

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DataFlex to Crystal

Flex2Crystal allows Visual DataFlex developers to use the latest version of Crystal Reports with minimal effort   

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