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Group 762

Migrate and run DataFlex applications with Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL &  MariaDB.


Stuck in Crystal XI?  Upgrade and use the latest versions of Crystal Reports with DataFlex applications. 


Convert from transactional ISAM data engines to  PostgreSQL, Oracle and MS SQL Server


Quickly build multi-protocol web services with the same API. Supports JSON-RPC, REST, SOAP,  Thrift, and gRPC.

 Group 671-1


Why Mertech?


Use the latest Crystal Reports versions with  DataFlex 

Flex2Crystal enables DataFlex developers to use the latest Crystal Reports versions with their applications.  And you do not have to change your existing reports!

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Don't lose your investment in Crystal Reports.

For years, DataFlex developers used Crystal Reports as their embedded reporting tool. And for good reasons. It was and still is, the best report development tool in the market today. However,  DataFlex developers were stranded in Crystal Reports XI as support for Crystal Reports for DataFlex was discontinued.  Redeveloping these reports into another tool is a major undertaking and easy. This becomes especially a challenge if you are trying to adopt a tool not as feature-rich as Crystal Reports.

With Flex2Crystal  you don't have to do any of that.  It enables you to upgrade to the latest versions of Crystal, without needing to change your existing embedded reports.  For developers who want to continue to use Crystal Reports with the newest versions of DataFlex, or develop new sophisticated embedded reports,   Flex2Crystal is the only solution. 

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Group 715-1

Keep your reports unchanged

The same reports who painstakingly designed with Crystals will continue to work with DataFlex and the latest versions of Crystal Reports. 

Group 645-2
Seamless Integration with DataFlex

You can continue to work with DataFlex in the same way you have worked with Crystal, but with enhancements to make you more productive. 

Group 662
Deliver reports  in web applications

You can now deliver your existing  reports in web applications using Flex2Crystal. You can use the same reports for both your desktop and web applications.

We took our existing code out of our Windows application, wrote a utility to replace 3 lines of code on each report file, tossed in your procedure, and done! Crystal Reports works in our web application, and the whole thing took only an hour to do!”
Forest "Woody" Spencer
CEO, USA Software

Minimum Requirement

Visual DataFlex 12 or higher.
Mertech's Flex2SQL for MS SQL Server, Flex2SQL for Oracle, Flex2SQL for MySQL or Flex2SQL for PostgreSQL).
Crystal Reports 2016  and above.

Note: Flex2Crystal does not support the embedded DataFlex database. 

Ready to upgrade to the latest  Crystal Reports version? 

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