Downloads Try Thriftly
Downloads Try Thriftly
Group 762

Migrate and run DataFlex applications with Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL &  MariaDB.


Stuck in Crystal XI?  Upgrade and use the latest versions of Crystal Reports with DataFlex applications. 


Convert from Btrieve / P.SQL / Actian transactional engines to Oracle, MS SQL Server, and PostgreSQL


Quickly build multi-protocol web services with the same API. Supports JSON-RPC, REST, SOAP,  Thrift, and gRPC.

 Group 671-1


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    J.Renee Increases E-Commerce Sales by 5X with Mertech Services and

    J.Renee sells stylish, affordable shoes and accessories to customers around the world. Spurred on by two brand acquisitions, J.Renee asked Mertech to overhaul and streamline their company’s online marketplace. Mertech delivered a sleek shopping experience that’s led to a significant increase in J.Renee’s page views, customers, and sales.

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    Group 804-2

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    Somentec Powers Energy Billing Software with Flex2SQL for MS SQL & Oracle

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    Workshop Software Finds SaaS Success with Mertech Consulting Services

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    Freight Management Systems Evolves from Desktop to Cloud with Mertech Services

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