Based in Langen, Germany

Founded in 1994, Somentec Software offers specialized billing and management solutions to energy and water providers, with over 100 installations throughout Germany.

Somentec Software offers turn-key software solutions to utility providers throughout the country. When looking to connect their specialized billing software to modern relational databases like Oracle, Somentec found that Mertech provided the only cost-effective solution. Over 20 years later, the companies continue to work together, thanks to the strength of Mertech's Flex2SQL product and professional support staff.

Mertech Services Provided


Starting Something New

German ISV Somentec Software provides utility vendors with several unique products, including XAP – a highly customizable ERP solution. XAP allows providers to efficiently track and manage consumers’ electricity, gas, water, waste, and heat usage, apply specialized regulations unique to each industry, and bill accordingly.

To keep up with its customers’ demands and open up expansion into new markets, Somentec decided that offering XAP alongside its own proprietary database solution was no longer good enough. They needed to connect XAP with industry-standard relational databases, such as Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle, because that’s what customers both old and new were asking for. Their desire to link XAP with modern databases led them to Mertech.

Somentec approached Mertech when the company was just beginning to develop its Flex2SQL database connectivity solution. Somentec’s input helped shape the product and improve its performance. It also created a lasting partnership between the two companies.

With Flex2SQL, Somentec was able to easily transition XAP to function alongside Oracle and Microsoft SQL server, without changing any of their existing code or their overall database structure. This solution didn’t exist prior to Mertech entering the market. Since starting out with Somentec, Mertech’s been able to offer Flex2SQL, as well as the rest of its database connectivity products, to other ISVs around the globe.

“We've continued to use Mertech because the company provides good, direct, professional support. Mertech's industry knowledge, and the quality of their products, has served as the basis of a great long-term relationship between our companies.”


We chose Mertech because they were the first, and only, company to offer us a stable Oracle driver. They also continuously improved the driver's performance and functionality. The performance was and continues to be, very important to us.

Christian Hartlieb, Managing Director Somentec Software

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