Migrate from DataFlex to
SQL Databases

Run DataFlex applications with MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, no code changes required

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Seamless Conversion from DataFlex Databases

Flex2SQL’s plug-in architecture ensures your application effortlessly works with a SQL backend. Migrate your DataFlex database to SQL (creating tables, indexes, relationships, and other components) using Flex2SQL’s GUI migration tool. Post-migration, Flex2SQL’s database driver works alongside your application, connecting your app to your new backend and translating DataFlex API calls into optimized SQL queries.

Lower Your Database Costs

Lower Your Database Costs

Connect to open-source MySQL and PostgreSQL databases without using slow Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) drivers. Flex2SQL’s native MySQL and PostgreSQL support provides your DataFlex application with a fast, reliable connection to the leading no-license databases.

Your Fastest DataFlex Connectivity Option

Flex2SQL outperforms competing products in every aspect of database management and operations, including finding, inserting, deleting, and replacing records. That’s why most major DataFlex-using independent software vendors (ISVs) and enterprises have already chosen Flex2SQL to connect their applications with SQL databases.

Quick and Easy Migration

Flex2SQL’s database migration toolset includes a GUI that helps you migrate your data and a verifier that ensures the migrated data matches what came from your DataFlex database. Flex2SQL takes maximum advantage of SQL’s database structure, creating tables and indexes during migration, as well as supporting failover and mirroring.

Key Features

Native, optimized connections with both your existing database and SQL.

Quick and easy migration, using a GUI migration tool and database validation.

Seamless integration with your existing tables and views.

Preservation of your existing data structure, no code recompilation necessary.

Support for DataFlex restructure commands.

In 1998, Mertech introduced the first-ever SQL database driver for DataFlex applications, helping companies modernize their databases and open doors to new markets.


Since then, most major DataFlex-using ISVs and enterprises have adopted Mertech’s Flex2SQL drivers. Using Flex2SQL, these companies deploy their applications at over 20,000 sites around the world.

USA Software

USA Software Runs DataFlex Application with Flex2SQL for MS SQL Server

Somentec Software

Somentec Powers Energy Billing Software with Flex2SQL for MS SQL & Oracle

DataFlex to PostgreSQL

DataFlex to Oracle

DataFlex to MS SQL Server

DataFlex to MySQL

Migrate from DataFlex to SQL Without Source-Level Changes

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Download The Flex2SQL Whitepaper