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End-to-End application modernization products and services that give Windows ISVs a successful path to a cloud product!


Mertech’s Path2Cloud

Comprehensive application modernization software and services that give Windows ISVs a successful path to the Cloud.

While Windows ISVs have had a great run, modern cloud-Based SaaS providers are an existential threat to your business


Microsoft created an incredible opportunity for software developers. Windows ISVs responded with an incredible 35 million applications. These companies still have large installed bases and millions of lines of still-working business logic. But modern cloud-based software providers now have many advantages.


The cloud is now the preferred deployment model for most companies. Also, these applications offer modern user experiences on popular devices like mobile phones and tablets. In addition, their business models offer increased revenue and reduced support costs. Consequently, these companies get vastly higher valuations from investors and acquirers.

Once modern cloud-based providers catch up on application
functionality, it will be 'game over' for traditional Windows ISVs.

For Windows ISVs, migrating to the cloud requires five extremely hazardous steps

Each of these steps is risky, expensive, and time-consuming enough to kill any migration project.  Combined, they make modernization impossible for many Windows ISVs.

Data Access  If the app was built for a legacy database like DataFlex or Btrieve / Pervasive.SQL, you will need to rewrite all your data access code for one of the SQL databases

Business Logic  Rewriting millions of lines of working business logic using a modern language for the Cloud can take years - even if you have the right team!

Modern User Interfaces  Modern user interfaces require a complete redesign and reimplementation to support browsers, phones, tablets, wearables, etc.

Cloud Security  Adding sufficient internet/cloud security is the most complex step, but also the most essential.

Cloud Deployment  Deploying in the cloud requires more new expertise and more modern tools that traditional ISVs just don’t have in-house.



Mertech’s Path2Cloud gives Windows ISVs asuccessful route to the cloud

Mertech’s Path2Cloud gives Windows ISVs all the software and services they need to successfully modernize their applications and thrive in the cloud.

Mertech designed Path2Cloud specifically for Windows ISVs that want to move to the cloud but don't know they will be able to do it.

It addresses the five major modernization challenges that prevent many Windows ISVs from successfully migrating to the cloud.

Path2Cloud makes maximum reuse of existing assets like data access and business logic code to minimize migration time and cost.

It provides Windows ISVs with all the necessary skills and capabilities they are missing, but need to make a Cloud migration.

Path2Cloud builds on Mertech’s 20+ years of experience helping Windows ISVs modernize their applications.


Mertech’s Path2Cloud addresses five hurdles to your modernization efforts


1. Data Access

Mertech database drivers allow applications written for Dataflex or Btrieve to run unchanged against SQL databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, or Azure SQL Database.


2. Business Logic

Mertech’s Integration Library eliminates the need to completely rewrite your business logic. makes existing business logic useable by modern cloud systems by creating callable APIs.


3. User Interfaces

Mertech’s UX Services team has the skills and tools to build modern UIs for your applications. They will design and build the modern, streamlined mobile device and browser UIs your customers are demanding.


4. Internet and Cloud Security

Mertech’s Cloud middleware employs all the necessary Cloud and Internet security standards to keep your users and applications safe. It provides secure connectivity between all the cloud-based and on-prem components of your modern application architecture.


5. Cloud Deployment

Mertech’s Managed Services team handles all the complexities of implementing and managing your Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure so you can focus on your core business.

Case Study:
Transportation management software vendor evolves from the desktop to modern cloud app





Windows Desktop Version
Modern Cloud Version

Freight Management Systems is a 25 year old Windows ISV specializing in transportation management systems (TMS).   With 900,000 lines of legacy Windows and Dataflex code, it was struggling to provide the modern application capabilities its customers were demanding and it’s competitors were already providing. By partnering with Mertech, FMS was able to reuse its existing business logic without having to rewrite it, deploy modern user interfaces via browsers and other devices, and deploy to the cloud.  As a result, its modern UIs are now a major selling point, and FMS is growing again with new bookings up and churn down.  In addition, FMS is using Mertech’s  software to create and deliver new services.


Why choose Mertech as your Windows application modernization partner?

Having worked with software companies for over 20 years, Mertech understands their strengths and weaknesses of Windows ISVs. It designed Path2Cloud to meet the unique needs of these companies as they migrate to the Cloud.

Mertech’s unique software lets you reuse existing assets in the Cloud without having to rewrite all your code.

Mertech’ services fill in the missing expertise and experience gaps that are keeping you out of the cloud.

ISVs that have modernized with Mertech are growing again by upselling new capabilities to existing customers and by landing new logos.

Mertech will be with you every step along your path to the Cloud, providing the software, services, expertise, and experience you will need to successfully modernize your applications.