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Downloads Try Thriftly
Downloads Try Thriftly
Group 762

Migrate and run DataFlex applications with Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL &  MariaDB.


Stuck in Crystal XI?  Upgrade and use the latest versions of Crystal Reports with DataFlex applications. 


Convert from Btrieve / P.SQL / Actian transactional engines to Oracle, MS SQL Server, and PostgreSQL


Quickly build multi-protocol web services with the same API. Supports JSON-RPC, REST, SOAP,  Thrift, and gRPC.

 Group 671-1


Why Mertech?

Your growth is in the cloud. Are you ready? 

If you are a traditional Windows developer, you need a SaaS product for your growth. Do you have a strategy and plan ready to make this transition?

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Your next big competitor will be a modern cloud-based SaaS provider.

Group 42


Microsoft created an incredible opportunity for software developers. Windows ISVs responded with an incredible 35 million applications. These companies still have large installed bases and millions of lines of still-working business logic. But modern cloud-based software providers now have many advantages.

Group 33


The cloud is now the preferred deployment model for most companies. Also, these applications offer modern user experiences on popular devices like mobile phones and tablets. In addition, their business models offer increased revenue and reduced support costs. Consequently, these companies get vastly higher valuations from investors and acquirers.

Transitioning from Windows to cloud-native SaaS is complex.  You will need to address five areas for transformation.  


Data Access

If the app was built for a legacy database like DataFlex or Btrieve / Pervasive.SQL, you will need to rewrite all your data access code for one of the SQL databases.


Business Logic

Rewriting millions of lines of working business logic using a modern language for the Cloud can take years - even if you have the right team!


Modern User Interfaces

Modern user interfaces require a complete redesign and reimplementation to support browsers, phones, tablets, wearables, etc.



Adding sufficient internet/cloud security is the most complex step, but also the most essential.


Cloud Deployment  

Deploying in the cloud requires more new expertise and more modern tools that traditional ISVs just don’t have in-house.

Companies looking to modernize often do not have the right skill set to undertake such projects.

Mertech's Path2Cloud  offering comprises both products and services and addresses the different areas of modernization you will need to handle if you want to become a successful SaaS company.


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Transportation management software vendor evolves from traditional Windows-only developer to high-growth SaaS company.


Read FMS case study

Where do you go from here?

Mertech has been working with independent software vendors for over twenty years. We have a thorough understanding of the demands on software vendors, how they operate, and what is important for and to them. This is invaluable when you are selecting a partner on your modernization journey.  

We offer free, no-pressure consultation to understand your needs. If we are not the right fit for you, we will let you know! 

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