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Downloads Try Thriftly
Downloads Try Thriftly
Group 762

Migrate and run DataFlex applications with Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL &  MariaDB.


Stuck in Crystal XI?  Upgrade and use the latest versions of Crystal Reports with DataFlex applications. 


Convert from Btrieve / P.SQL / Actian transactional engines to Oracle, MS SQL Server, and PostgreSQL


Quickly build multi-protocol web services with the same API. Supports JSON-RPC, REST, SOAP,  Thrift, and gRPC.

 Group 671-1


Why Mertech?


Modern applications are built on web services and remote APIs.  Thriftly makes it easy to build them.

For software developer who is looking to modernize your monolithic Windows application into a SaaS product,  Thriftly will cut down your development time significantly.

Video:  See how easy it is!


Thriftly enables you to quickly break up your monolithic application into a collection of services,  without writing services protocol-specific code or for handling data transformation.  You develop a service just as you write a function in one of the supported languages and then make them publicly accessible via a secure API.  





Build  web services  &  web APIs quickly

Building a secure web service is as easy as writing a program function.  Nothing new to learn.

Support for Delphi, DataFlex, Java, and .NET  

Easily create web services without adding any proprietary framework. 

 Support multiple protocols

Support REST, JSON-RPC, SOAP, gRPC, and Apache Thrift protocols with one API!

Process pooling & endpoint management

Easily manage services’ endpoints and computing resources.

Supports API Management

Manage and monitor your APIs with Azure, Amazon AWS, Kong, and other API Management solutions.

Built-in API testing 

Improve code quality and reliability! Thriftly has built-in support for APEYE for testing and sharing your service requests.

 Dynamic Documentation

Keep your API documentation current with   Thriftly's dynamic documentation detailing  API interfaces and data structures.  

Built-in Proxy

Easily expose your API and services for public use. No need to set up special server or change network configurations.

Thriftly provided us with an effortless yet sophisticated way to build web services and secure APIs from our existing codebase. That let us go to market quickly with far less investment than with other tools.
Henry Sheldon
CEO, Freight Management
I didn’t have to worry about any of the pieces of API development. Thriftly handled them all for me. I simply wrote the program I needed, connected it with my Windows database, and published the pieces I wanted to expose as web APIs. All over one weekend.
Erik Baetens
CEO, Lynx Automation
There’s no doubt that Thriftly saved us a lot of money and time during the launch of our new B2B portal! Because we were able to build APIs from our existing functions without learning anything new, we launched in record time, and we tied the new portal into our existing homegrown ERP systems seamlessly.
Coby Sparks

Start using Thriftly today. It is free!