Enhanced Debugging and Tracing in Flex2SQL Version 15

Jun 7, 2018 12:37:41 PM / by Matt Ledger

  Matt Ledger

In Flex2SQL Version 15, we added support for sending your application's trace output to the Windows Debug Output.

This allows you to:

  • Use a program like DebugView  or DebugView++ to precisely split and/or wrap your logging.
  • Leave your trace output enabled but not actually capture the output (and affect your application’s performance) until necessary.
  • Perform remote monitoring so you can view your trace output over a network in real time (using DebugView or DebugView++).

Mertech Debug Output Flex2SQL 15

Additionally, when you use the Debug Output alongside web applications, you'll no longer lose trace output due to buffered writing. The trace also always clearly identifies which process contributed the trace output.

To allow access to this advanced debugging, Flex2SQL 15 includes Mertech’s new Trace Utility. From the Trace Utility,  you can toggle Debug Output tracing for not just Flex2SQL, but also any other Mertech products you use (such as Thriftly).


Mertech's Trace Utility for advanced debugging 

For a detailed walkthrough of these debugging enhancements, be sure to watch the related section of the Flex2SQL version 15 webinar.


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