Parameterized Query Support, Smarter Debugging, & More in New Flex2SQL v15.0

Apr 11, 2018 10:01:34 AM / by Mertech Data Systems, Inc.

  Mertech Data Systems, Inc.

Flex2SQL’s recent Version 15 release includes a series of exciting, asked-for new features, plus a significant performance increase in embedded SQL calls - up to 5 times faster than previous versions


Most notably, Flex2SQL 15 includes:

The ability to create secure embedded SQL calls using query parameters. Use query parameters to embed SQL calls within your application and limit your vulnerability to SQL injection attacks.

A smarter, more robust debugging interface. Use Flex2SQL's new connection to the Windows Debug Output to more intelligently capture troubleshooting information.

Support for multiple result sets in stored procedures. Our Oracle and PostgreSQL drivers now support stored procedures that return multiple result sets. This feature was already available in our MS SQL drivers.

Version 15 also includes other new features and updates, all of which will enhance your Flex2SQL experience. To get the full details of what’s included in Flex2SQL’s March 2018 release, read the Flex2SQL Version 15 release notes, or watch the product release webinar here:


After you read the release notes or watch the webinar, be sure to upgrade your Flex2SQL installation to Version 15 to start taking advantage of the new features and improved DataFlex to SQL connections. If you're not using Flex2SQL yet, try it for 30 days free:



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