Thriftly v2.3: Better JWT & JWS Support and Improved Error Handling

Oct 17, 2019 1:15:00 PM / by Mertech


This month we released the latest version of Thriftly. Featuring an array of enhanced services and error fixes, v2.3 is more versatile and dependable than ever before.

New and Improved Features in v2.3


Enhanced JWT and JWS Support

You can now directly retrieve an unparsed JSON Web Token (JWT)  from within your API service. With your JWT’s more easily accessible, you’ll have more options for managing your authentication process and providing more robust security.

Improved Error Handling

You’ll now be able to customize your error system settings across different calls and for different services within your Thriftly applications, allowing you a more powerful, detailed error handling experience.

Issues Fixed in v2.3

Licensing Issues Fixes

We’ve automated our handling of machine ID changes that were causing licenses for Thriftly applications to become invalid, preventing false license errors and unnecessary reactivations.

Shared Struct Issues Fixes

Some applications were throwing a duplicated structure name error when the same struct was being shared between different services. We’ve resolved this issue so that you can use structs with multiple services without error.

Our team has been hard at work on a number of other fixes as we continue to make your API services more powerful and dependable. To learn about the updates and fixes to Thriftly v2.3 in their entirety, read the full release.

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Written by Mertech

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