Thriftly Webinar Part 5: Testing & Deploying Your First Application with [54min]

Feb 25, 2020 3:46:01 PM / by Mertech


In previous training sessions for Evolution (now, we have covered the basics of developing an application: designing the user interface, creating an API and securing the application. All this is important, but developers ultimately need to know the best way to test and deploy their application to ensure they are releasing a bug-free and high-quality application to their market.

In Part 5 of Evolution Training, we showed developers the basics of testing and deploying their application for the first time in Evolution, and we demonstrated how easy it is to deploy Evolution using our built-in deployment installer & admin console.

Topics that we covered include:

* Using the APEye Testing Framework
* API Testing of JSON-RPC & SOAP
* ABC's of Deployment
* Using the Admin Console
* Interfacing with Microsoft Management Console


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Written by Mertech

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