Flex2SQLv19 Unicode Edition for Oracle and MS SQL Server  available for download

Oct 9, 2021 3:23:47 PM / by Mertech


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We are pleased to bring to you Flex2SQL v17 Unicode Edition beta release.   This release includes only our MS SQL Server and Oracle drivers and includes both 64-bit and 32-bit Unicode versions.  Read the release notes.

This will be a short beta while we finish a couple of outstanding features and convert some remaining sections to online documentation.  

Our initial plan was to release a 64-bit Unicode version only. However, a few customers indicated that they are not ready to move to 64-bit due to dependencies on 32-bit COM controls. As a result, we decided to prioritize the 32-bit Unicode version, which impacted our release plans.   

Download Flex2SQL v17  Unicode Edition

What’s new in the Unicode Edition? The short answer is a lot!   Click to learn more about the v17 roadmap.  

The most significant changes are in our embedded SQL interface. We redesigned this interface from the ground up to be more efficient and easier to use. In addition, we added new powerful features, such as the ability to write your embedded SQL call as a “DataFlex-style" image.   

Our documentation has also undergone an extensive overhaul. In conjunction with the code-completion support in the DataFlex editor, the searchable online documentation will make it much easier for you to see the syntax of the new commands. 

We recommend you begin with the Conversion Guide. We created this to help you plan out the transition of your codebase to the Unicode Edition.


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