USA Software Runs DataFlex Application with Flex2SQL for MS SQL Server

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Led by founder F.A. "Woody" Spencer, USA Software's team of software engineers and former police professionals provide law enforcement agencies across the U.S. with information management and communications software. As the agencies USA Software worked with began switching to industry-standard SQL databases, USA Software knew they needed to make the move as well. Mertech's Flex2SQL driver helped USA Software easily connect with customers' SQL databases and migrate their own data, creating a faster, more robust law enforcement software solution.

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A Demand for Modern Databases

Since 1989, USA Software has provided communications and information management solutions to law enforcement agencies throughout the United States. With more than 150 installations in Florida and Georgia alone, and nearly 200 years combined law enforcement experience, USA Software’s team specializes in computing, policing, and offering products that work.

USA Software, Inc.

About USA Software

With more than 150 installations in Florida and Georgia alone, and nearly 200 years combined law enforcement experience, USA Software takes pride in helping law enforcement agencies manage their information systems and improve communications.

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But as USA’s customers and competitors began utilizing SQL-enabled software solutions, the company found themselves behind the curve. USA’s DataFlex application, and the database behind it, couldn’t offer the same robust features as SQL-based apps. That didn’t sit well with F.A. “Woody” Spencer, USA Software’s founder and President.

"Our customers were asking for a more standardized backend database, such as Microsoft SQL server, since many cities and counties were adopting that as their standard."

F.A. "Woody" Spencer
President and Founder
USA Software


An Impressively Easy Migration

To make that conversion happen, USA Software turned to Mertech’s Flex2SQL driver. Flex2SQL allowed USA to seamlessly connect their DataFlex application to their customers’ SQL databases, as well as migrate customers’ existing DataFlex data to SQL.

Many of USA’s customers were using multiple DataFlex tables, each of which contained hundreds of thousands of records. Still, the migration from DataFlex to SQL went as smoothly could be imagined, with Mertech’s support team stepping in to aid USA Software the one time they did need assistance.


“We chose Flex2SQL for its ease of use and its simplicity. We already knew of the product's speed and reliability. Even still, the ease of converting an existing customer from DataFlex to SQL impressed us.”

- F.A. "Woody" Spencer


A Powerful Policing Product

With Flex2SQL in place, USA Software can now supply law enforcement agencies with a faster, more robust software solution, making policing just a little bit easier. USA’s applications now provide increased data integrity, speedier reporting, easier third-party integrations, and online backup and disaster recovery, all thanks to their connection to SQL.


"Now, when our sales staff does presentations, we lead with the fact that our products support the leading SQL databases. I’m glad we finally made the move.”

- F.A. "Woody" Spencer

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