Windows is legacy, long live the cloud - from desktop apps to hybrid cloud (pt. 2)

Aug 18, 2017 1:53:00 PM / by Riaz Merchant

  Riaz Merchant

Until about 5 years ago, if you sold software, that software was designed primarily for use on Windows-based desktop systems. That’s what the businesses you were selling to used, so that’s where your software needed to work.

Now, businesses want software that functions outside of Windows and outside of desktop computers. Software needs to function not only on PCs, but also on the web and mobile devices.

At the same time, most new businesses are revolting against the physical infrastructure needed to maintain desktop-based software, as well as the systems, licenses, network management, and other headaches typically tied to desktop-based solutions.

New Businesses Run in the Cloud, Not on Windows

Up-and-coming businesses need not look further than their web browser to find software that fits their needs. Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, Quickbooks Online, Xero, all of these business solutions are available directly over the Internet, thanks to the Cloud.

If your company’s software requires physical delivery or infrastructure, you’re at a disadvantage when selling to these new businesses. Cloud-based software and infrastructure is cheap, flexible, and scalable. Businesses want it, so software vendors are delivering it. Even the company most invested in Windows’s success is moving to the Cloud.

Even Microsoft is Pushing Cloud-Based Software

The company that Windows built has moved to a “Mobile First, Cloud First” strategy. Microsoft is guiding customers towards Azure, their own cloud-based software platform. If Microsoft has recognized that it’s time to move away from desktop-only software, it proves that the Cloud and the SaaS model are here to stay.

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Riaz Merchant

Written by Riaz Merchant

President/CEO at Mertech Data Systems, Inc.