Generating Revenue With Hybrid Cloud Applications And On-premise Data

May 3, 2020 11:08:48 AM / by Riaz Merchant

  Riaz Merchant

Traditional software vendors who have been developing and deploying client-server applications on Windows desktop, face a dilemma.

On one hand, you have to maintain and support your existing customer base running on Windows desktop. On the other, you have to build new applications for the cloud because new customers prefer a cloud application.

We recently hosted a webinar that details how combining on-premise data and application APIs with customer-facing cloud apps offers you greater scalability and cost-savings.


A Different Approach

This approach also provides you a way forward in transforming your Windows-based application into a cloud app. The first step in building such hybrid applications is to view your application as a collection of API services rather than a monolithic structure. 

However, building these modern hybrid applications from your existing application is not easy. In addition to extensive re-engineering of your application, you need to worry about selecting the right API protocols, handling data transformation, worrying about security, managing remote deployments and network re-configuration. View Now

A Path Forward

A logical path forward for these traditional software vendors is to take incremental steps and start by offering a hybrid cloud application. You could launch a new customer-facing cloud application that utilizes your customer’s on-premise data and APIs built around your existing applications working together seamlessly.

The key to building these distributed systems is to transform your existing application into an API driven architecture. Being able to offer hybrid cloud applications will enable you to create new offerings for your customers, utilizing their on-premise data with new cloud-based offerings.

We're pleased to offer this webinar replay. Let us know your thoughts about hybrid cloud applications by providing your comments or reaching out to us!

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Riaz Merchant

Written by Riaz Merchant

President/CEO at Mertech Data Systems, Inc.