Riaz Merchant

President / CEO

Riaz is responsible for setting Mertech’s direction and overall profitability. Given his extensive knowledge of the database market and being one of the architects of Mertech’s ISDBC technology, Riaz is also responsible for setting product directions, marketing and business development. Riaz is a graduate of Florida International University, Miami. While at FIU, Riaz was involved in research related to application of neural networks to power-load forecasting and has several publications in this area.

Shirley Merchant


Shirley is responsible for Mertech’s finances and overall administration. With her extensive background in dealing with Mertech’s customers, Shirley is also responsible for sales coordination. Shirley has a Master’s degree in Accounting from Florida International University, Miami. Prior to joining Mertech, Shirley worked as an auditor at BDO-Seidman, Miami specializing in publicly traded companies.

Oliver T. Nelson

Director of Engineering

Oliver is responsible for development and quality assurance for Mertech’s Evolution API server, specialty database middleware and application modernization services. Oliver brings with him decades of software development experience and the business applications knowledge required to manage high performance teams. Prior to its acquisition by Mertech, Oliver was the President of Out of the Box Consulting where he led the development of complex custom software solutions and mobile platforms.